HELP: Playback Error Warning [SOLVED]


First and foremost, Im not all that technical when it comes to Audacity, or sound editing.

I have recorded and edited sound on this Mac (El Capitan - 2012 MacAir) using audacity for the last two years with minimal issues (for my podcast). I recently upgraded Audacity and now I get this error when I try to play the file in the timeline:

“audacity error playback device settings project sample rate”

I can export the file as a 16 bit wav, and I can play that wav in iTunes, I just cant play it or edit it, within Audacity.

I had really hoped to get a bunch of podcasts done today, but I dont feel comfortable doing so until I get this sorted out.

Many thanks for your time and help

Up above the timeline there should be a setting next to the speaker symbol. My MBA says “Built-In Output.”
Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 17.58.29.png
What does yours say?

Digital sound is broken into little pieces and each one has a value. 44100 is the number of pieces per second, 16-bit is the depth or quality of each piece and if there are two matching pieces, Stereo.

So Audacity is complaining about the first one and you’re confirming the quality of the second.

What is the number at the far lower left of the Audacity window? I’m pretty sure that’s what Audacity is complaining about.
Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 18.02.56.png

Hey Koz

Yep. that was it. I guess when I did the upgrade it blanked out my settings. I ALWAYS forget to look and make sure I have those properly configured. I take screenshots but the problem pops up so rarely, that I forget! LOL

Thanks for the reminder, DOH ;-(