HELP! -- Pitch Changes! - Urgent

Hey Everyone and THANK YOU in advance. I’m sure this has been addressed a million times but I can’t find an answer.

I did a quick recording for 50th anniversary of family member as i can’t attend party live on Saturday.

and I blew a note – sort of - at the end of song. Rest is fine – added my reverb did a bit of “speeding up” BUT
I’d love to “fix” the FLAT note at the end and not sure I can punch it up with Audacity software?

I can pray no one pays attention but if anyone has a thought – would appreciate it greatly

Amazing software - where have I been all these years!

You blew… Oh. You sung a wrong note at the end.

Select the note and Effect > Change Speed. If you were only a tiny bit off, that should work OK. If you were singing to an orchestra or band, that’s not going to work because that will change the band, too. There’s no way to split you from the band or background. We can’t split a performance into individual voices or instruments.


1 semitone up is 5.946 %
1 semitone down is -5.613 %
Ctrl+Z to Undo.