Help on how to reproduce a certain effect


I casually makes covers of my favourite songs and I try to make them the closest to the original (and so with effects)and with one of them, I had difficulty on reproducing it so I ask for your help.
I want to make the effect present in this video between 0:48 and 1:00

I have tried with high pass filter but it is not what I’ve wanted.

So, please, can someone help me ?


It sounds to me like a “phase vocoder” effect. You probably can’t get that exact same effect with Audacity because it is usually accomplished by pitch shifting under MIDI control, and Audacity does not support MIDI control. You may be able to achieve something similar using GSnap (an optional VST plug-in) by twiddling the controls to fairly extreme settings. The GSnap website is here: Audacity requires the 32-bit version (Windows only).

Mmh, I’ve tried GSnap, but I see no way to reproduce the effect I want(even close)

There is a free plugin called DTBLKFX , which works in Audacity (on Windows).
DTBLKFX will shift the pitch in the left channel to match the pitch of the note in the right channel.
So play the tune with a simple sine-wave, sing along, then pitch-shift singing to match tune with DTBLKFX …

DtBklFx HarmRepitch ( poormans autotune).png