help on editing my band live jamming record

my band has a song and we have recorded it using our phone. the problem is we don’t know how to make it sound better. is there anyone can help me fix our song? if possible, can you give me some idea or sample of how i could make it sound better. thanks…

this is ou song. you guys can simply download our song here and help us if you want

What was the APP? I am experimenting with MusicMemo on the iPhone. That’s a separate APP download. VoiceMemo is a native APP but it has voice processing, echo rejection and environment suppression. Voices work OK but it hates music. We can’t recover a song recorded in VoiceMemo.


It’s massively too loud and overloaded. I recently captured a club music system in the middle of an evening performance on my phone. It’s dense, but it didn’t overload and it still sounds roughly like it did when I was standing there.

Back to step one. Which APP did you use and how did you do the actual recording?