HELP !!! Normalising audio from video files

I am a non-techie guy who needs help with normalising a batch of video(flv) files so that they all play back at roughly the same volume. I have seen a couple of posts but I just cannot understand what is being suggested- it’s all too techno ie demuxing etc. The Audacity help manual doesn’t help either.

I would love someone to explain in a step by step manner how I can import video files (10 of them), normalise all sound levels, and then marry them back up with the video files. I have ffmpeg?? installed and I see how to import files but I end up with a separate mp3 track. I need the new normalised audio to be incorporated within the FLV or any other file.


Audacity is not a video editor - it only works with audio.
Importing a video file (via ffmpeg) will import only the audio portion of that file.

Audacity can adjust the volume of the audio once it has been imported, but it is only the audio. In order to put that audio back into the video file you need to use video editing software.

You may not need to use Audacity at all for this task. Once you have some video editing software set up you may find that the entire job can be done with the video editor.