[HELP] Noise remover

I have been using the 1.2.6 version of audacity to remove the noise in my audio recording.Now the audacity is causing weird problems like sample rate problem .When I copy a audio from a source of sample rate 34000Hz It doesn’t automatically adjust the sample rate and I have to do it manually which is a pain in the back. Is there some way by which I can transfer the old noise remover into the new version of audacity ? because it was simple in the old version and I am no such expert in audio work.Help will be appreciated. Please ignore if I am posting in the wrong section cause this is my first day on this awesome forum :blush:

One of the other elves had trouble with the new Noise Reducer, too. I don’t remember what the solution was. I know they work in very different ways and you can’t adjust the new one to work like the old one.

I was very surprised to find people who actually liked the old one. I never got it to work right and most other people couldn’t either. There must be something about transferring vinyl, because on most other jobs it was terrible.

32000 is a very unusual sample rate. What do you have which uses that?

You can reset the rate with the little window in the lower left. You don’t have to go into menus.


1.2.6 does that but the current 2.0.4 should not. Please look at Help > About Audacity and look for the version number of Audacity. If it does not say 2.0.4, please get 2.0.4 here Audacity ® | Download for Windows .

You can get similar behaviour in the 2.0.x Noise Removal as the 1.2.x Removal by turning the “Sensitivity” slider up in the 2.0.x version. Have you read the Manual Audacity Manual ?


Actually, I just had to move one slider in 1.2.6 . I don’t know what to do with the sliders as I am not a professional.I am just a normal guy who has too small experience with noise removal and audio editing. Thanks for the kind reply by the way .

Four sliders also give more flexibility than one slider.

Frequency smoothing and Attack/decay are “fine tuning”. Try turning the Sensitivity Slider up to (for example, 12 dB) then try only moving the Noise reduction slider.