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Running mac 10.6.8 on Macbook Pro. Audicity 2.0.2

It looks like I downloaded things ok. Got cassette running and playing tapes. First the blue lines were quite thin - nearly flat - and seemed to recording random clicks. Now the blue lines are to high/low and when I turn the sound on my mac up I get high pitched squealing. Tried playing a wav file from my desktop and it sounded as though it was recording from my computers microphone. So I selected built in input. Now blue line is flat. Soundplay through is ticked. Input device is recognized in the system, it seems. Where do I go to get help…probably the on-line or real person kind - is it possible?

We’ll get you set up but after that it will be better to update to the latest 2.0.5 from .

Please give us the make and model number of the cassette player. Assuming it’s a USB player, make sure the meters in the system sound preferences bounce up and down to about half way along when you record from it, as well as the device just being “seen”.

Then Audacity > Quit Audacity if it’s running and restart it.

In Device Toolbar, choose the built-in audio in the second box (this is your playback device) and the USB CODEC (or similar) in the third box (this should be the USB cassette player).

If you read it should cover most issues. You can reply to this topic if you need more help.