help needed recovering a file

so i had this 2 hour long project saved on my pc. my windows vista started to show signs of corruption (froze after 5 mins of use) and had it fixed by a friend who installed windows 7 , the location of the project (the .aup and _data) were saved on a diferent place and were relocated after installing the os. i downloaded audacity and tried to open up the file and got this “audacity did not recognize this type of file “name of the file” if not compressed, try opening using “import raw”” and of course doing that just doesn’t work, the aup file is no sound file, and the sound data are just bits… what should i do?

What did you call the show? I mean the exact name. Did you put punctuation marks in the filename?

What kind of corruption did you have under Visa? The aup file should open up in Wordpad or Notepad and you should be able to read it. This is a very simple one.

It’s Left on top and Right on the bottom and they’re copies of each other.

You can get serious problems with a show if your Project used many external sound files and you had Audacity set to reference the files instead of making personal copies. In that case, all the sound files need to come with you from the old Windows, and the directories and folders have to match.