Help Needed for Stupid Mistake!!

I am using Audacity 2.0.6 on my Mac OS Sierra.

I recorded an interview earlier this week and left the file open without saving it. Come today, I am starting a new project and a message pings up for the old project asking if I want to save any changes. Like an absolute FOOL, I said no. Totally forgot what the file was. Is it now lost forever? Can I retrieve it?? Answers in plain English appreciated as I no longer trust my ability to comprehend or responsibly use a computer.

If it’s still open now, can you Edit > UNDO?

Once you close Audacity, it wipes all its background saved work. In MacOS and Linux, that’s the end.


The project is gone. Once you closed the project the menu bar collapsed to File, Window and Help - no Edit, no Undo. Closing a project also clears the temp directory. Opening a new project starts a new undo chain.

Please update to the latest version of Audacity, available here. It won’t help you when you close a project without saving, but it has many significant improvements.

– Bill