HELP NEEDED!!!Advice on looping music

I am having difficulty with this. I can’t seem to figure out how to properly loop music.I am trying to loop this: I want to loop from the first 4 seconds to the first 9 seconds.It just won’t work.Is there some sort of feature on audacity where you can select,say,loop from 4 and a half seconds to 9 and 1 tenth of a second?And then try looping from 4 and a half seconds to 9 and two tenths of a second?And do it in a trial and error sort of way?Any help would be greatly appreciated because this doesn’t seem something that should be so hard.

Transport > Loop Play.

However you cannot adjust the selection while loop playing. You have to stop, then adjust the selection, then start Loop Play again.


Thanks.I get that part.I’m saying how do you actually loop?Is there a way to select,say,loop from 4 and a half seconds to 8 and a half seconds?I’m having a lot of trouble with this.Here is the music: Here is me attempting to loop the music: SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds I just can’t get it right.

Define “get it right”. I hear three repeats, silence, then something unrelated.

You can’t save looped playback as a file (well, unless you record it playing in Audacity using stereo mix) - you have to use Effect > Repeat.

Did you try ?