Help! Need to recover a file

I’m a journalism student and I just conducted a really important 45 minute phone interview and recorded it on speaker through audacity. Just as I clicked ‘save as’, the program froze. It says not responding. I haven’t closed the program yet because I’m too scared I’ll lose everything. It’s been ‘not responding’ for an hour now so I doubt it will suddenly start responding again. Is there any way to recover my files? I’m on a surface pro using windows 8. I can’t tell which version of audacity it is because I can’t access the toolbar. The program file name says 2.0.6 so that could be it. It was downloaded on Wednesday, ‎14 ‎January ‎2015. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

Have you used this combination to record anything else?


Thanks for your reply!
Yes I’ve used it in the past to record my voice and guitar.
I’ve actually managed to fix the problem myself somehow! I found the temporary files and pieced them back together.
Cheers for your willingness to help out though :slight_smile:

Audacity has a good Automatic Crash Recovery system that should not have any problem with a force quit executed from Windows Task Manager. Audacity will not delete anything if you force quit it thus.

Make sure you have plenty of disk space (think at least 10 GB even if you don’t want to edit your recordings much, and 100 GB if you do want to do a lot of editing). If you are saving or exporting to an external drive, make sure the drive is on and awake.

I’m glad you were able to piece it together.