Help! My audacity is not functioning properly...........

Hello All!

I’m facing this problem with audacity. Whenever I tried to record a song, this big water flow wave appears and I hear only loud noise. I tried all device and driver setting, but still not able to record any song. :confused:

Please find the attached images in error2.jpg and error2.jpg… Anyone have suggestion please let me know and I really need audacity to sing a duet song with my girl friend … :frowning:

I’ve Windows XP and using external headphone and microphone attached with this headphone.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Are you overdubbing/multi-tracking?

That’s feedback. Audacity is recording itself instead of your microphone. Make sure Audacity Preferences > Recording > Playthrough is not selected.

We wrote a step by step for overdubbing.