Help! - Missing Data File


I have been working on a project which is due in 2 days and Audacity is saying Couldn’t find the data file for: Imagine v3. I have looked all through onedrive and file explore and can’t find it anywhere and need the work ASAP! I have read loads of threads on similar issues but either I can’t understand them or they don’t help.

Also, I don’t know what version I am on. I downloaded it April 2020

Please help me.

That may be important.
Look in “Help menu > About Audacity” and you will see the version number near the top of the “About” window.


That doesn’t look quite right.
Could it have been:

Couldn’t find the project data folder: “Imagine v3_data”

yes and then I press okay and it says

Could not load file: “C;\Users\sophi\OneDrive - Canford School\ GCSE\ 4th Form\ House\ Spring Concert\ Imagine v3.aup”

The cause of the problem is likely to be “OneDrive”. It is highly recommended to NOT use cloud storage when working on Audacity projects.

There are two parts to an Audacity project. The “_data” folder contains the audio data and the “.aup” file contains instructions that tell Audacity how to assemble the audio data files to create the project. Both parts are absolutely essential.

Note that it is a folder and not a file that you are looking for. The folder is called “Imagine v3_data”. Without that folder you have no audio.

Aduactiy and I both can’t find the data folder, Is there any way to retrieve it?

Would should I do as I need the folders ASAP?

You could try looking in the remote storage via the web interface. I rarely use Windows (and never use OneDrive), but I think the address is

It’s possible One Drive has the folder and has just lost track of it—can’t show you where it is.

Cloud drives try to appear as just another drive to your system. That’s for convenience. But they are not real drives and when a program tries to use one it can get confused, drop coordination, or lose data.

Start > View > Computer > Drives? Find OneDrive and look around? You have two non-Windows people trying to save you.

Now that it’s too late, do you periodically save the show under a different name? So you can just go back to the last saved Project and refinish it.


This is where you put on your Executive Producer hat and explain to the client the show is going to be late.


Thx for your help, unfortunately, neither of those suggestions are working. Any other suggestions?

I assume that you don’t create regular backups of your computer data (very few people do). If you do, then you could try restoring an earlier backup. If not then unfortunately I’m out of ideas.