Help!! Microphone Volume????

Hi! I am trying to record with a samson usb studio condenser mic and the recording volume is so low when i play back that i cant hear it! I have no idea how to increase this?
The micrphone symbol volume is at full and i have selected my microphone for recording.

Help please i am very new to all this!!!


If you’re on Windows, check in the Windows Control Panel and see if there is an adjustment for the recording level.
Failing that, use the Amplify effect in Audacity (effects menu) to boost the level of the recording - the downside of this is that it will also boost background noise.

Also, make sure that you speak close to the microphone and don’t whisper - remember that radio presenters speak out loud and clear as if they are addressing the whole world.

All that and almost all USB microphones do this – some more than others. They don’t have convenient volume controls like on a sound mixer, so they have to be very careful not to overload. Too loud performances create crackling, crunchy sound that is permanently damaged. Low volume can usually be easily make up in post production, like Effect > Amplify in Audacity. So everybody goes low.

However, it does have to work, so we just need to find out what’s wrong.