HELP ME with bad record

Hi, I recorded sound from AUDIO MIX with ZOOM H2n and I have bad audio. Help me with this problem.

This is a small clip of my problem:

thanks :slight_smile:

What is it about that clip that you do not like? You have a good signal level. There’s no clipping (over-recording). Although my westerners ears are not attuned to eastern influenced music, I found it pleasant to listen to. The only problem I found was that, when run through Frequency Analysis, there was quite a lot of subsonic low frequency sound. This seems to be a common “problem” with Zoom recorders. My own H4 gives lots of subsonic low frequency. On typical PC speakers, even ones of good quality such as my Bose Companion 2s, there is not usually any audible impact from the subsonics. On quality hi-fi speakers in a large room or small hall, the bass frequencies may become more prominent due to the room acoustics.

And if very low (inaudible) frequencies are present at high amplitude - then your “quality hi-fi speakers” can get seriously damaged as they attempt to reproduce that stuff. You may want to consider filtering out the ultra-LF with the High Pass Filter - see:


Which is what I do on recordings made using my Zoom H4.