HELP me please

So I’m young, and want to start up my own podcast. Everybody I’ve heard about has said to use Audacity, but the problem is, I want to invite friends and others into my podcast for interviews using Skype. I cannot seem to find a way to do so. Is there a way to do so without having to pay anything to anybody? I just want to make a podcast with friends, that’s all. It is proving itself rather cumbersome and tedious. As it stands my best bet is to record audio with REAPER and Skype with Audacity, but let’s be honest, that’s just a pain. Is there a better way of doing the same thing? Separate tracks would be nice so that I can go back and edit certain parts of either one, like if my allergies are acting up, we can’t have sneezing in a good podcast. Anyway, this has been bugging me for a short while now, but I’m itching to get my first podcast out, and need to get a few friends into a call without breaking the bank. Possible? Yes, no? I hope you can tell me :slight_smile:


It seems like most people use [u]Pamela[/u] for recording Skype. I haven’t used it myself so I don’t know much about it. There is a free version with a 5 minute limit and paid versions. I assume you can edit the Pamela recordings with Audacity.

You use Pamela if you really need it to work perfectly, generate a split stereo sound file (you on one side and the guest on the other) in WAV (Microsoft) format suitable for editing and post production.

If you don’t have the bank for a license or your application isn’t critical, there are other programs for Windows.

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