I have just bought a ZOOM MRS1266 digital recorder with CD burner which I’m delighted with. However, I cannot get the usb interface card anywhere. In fact I have now found out that ZOOM have stopped making them!!!

My questions are: 1. is it possible for me to transfer the files from the recorder to Audacity? 2. How do I hook the machine up to Audacity.

I hope you can help.



ps. keep the answers quite basic please I am reasonably new to all of this… thanks again.


Iv’e no idea how you can connect this device to your PC without the USB interface - however, since you have the optional CD burner, then surely you can burn a CD and rip the WAV files from that CD with a CD ripping program - and then open this WAVs in Audacity. Not the most elegant way - but it has a good chance of working for you.

BTW: have you tried eBay for the USB i/f?


Thanks for the advice. However, I have been told that my recorder exports data in DAT format, and Audacity does not accept DAT.

Any ideas??


Were you hoping to transfer each track individually so you can use Audacity to mix them? Or are you just trying to get the final mixdown onto your computer?

Most likely, the only way to get audio from that thing to your computer is by using the Line Out to your computer’s Line In and recording through your Sound Card. Alternately and ideally, you could use the SP/DIF Digital port only if your Sound Card supports it (most don’t).

If you want each track by itself, you’ll have to painstakingly record each of them into a new Audacity project. If you just want the mixdown, then that’s all you need to record.

You don’t need that USB interface, though it would avoid having to record through your Sound Card (which will cause a loss of quality, depending on how nice your card is).