Help me Improve my Recordings

Hello, I do gameplay commentaries on youtube for the italian community.
I recently bought a new microphone, a Blue Bluebird that I’m using alongside with a Yamaha MG10XU Mixer.
Could you please give me any advice to improve my quality?
I’ve followed a tutorial about normalizing and compressing and EQ but I tend to yell a lot on my commentaries, so I think the tutoria didn’t fit.
Attached you’ll find a few seconds of a recording, what would you do to improve it?
Any advice would help, even with the mixer.

I don’t know that I could listen to that presentation for a long time, but there’s nothing wrong with the recording.
Attached, I took a little of the edge off the voice (attach 1) with equalization set as in attach 2. then

Effect > Normalize: [X]Normalize to -3.2 [X]Remove DC

That’s it. We can’t turn you into a professional announcer. There’s a lot of postings: “Can you make me sound like…?” No. We can’t make you sound like anything else.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 19.30.52.png

Thank you for your answer! :slight_smile:
I understand what you say, also keep in mind that I don’t sound like that all the time, but I was worried about the loss of quality when I yell.
Here is a sample of different combinations I’ve tried with basic settings, could you please tell me if one of them is better than the plain recording?!9M5XASQD!FJQZz_BRcixaiFW8iX-tQZfDC7BJe17I-ykaSSNdkWo

First segment is normalize>compressed>EQ Bass>EQ Treble>Normalize>Hard Limit>Normalize
Second is the plain recording
Third is normalize>compressed>normalize
Fourth is normalize>compressed>Light EQ Bass and Treble>Normalize>Hard Limit>Normalize

What are you listening on? A long list of post-production processing is only valid if you’re listening on a killer sound system or good headphones. None of this is valid if you’re listening on “computer speakers” or earbuds or equivalent. My joke is the ability to pick up your speakers with one hand. That’s probably not enough.

It’s not unusual for us to complain about bass rumble or other thumping low frequency problems and discover that the poster just can’t hear them.


I have a pair of sennheiser headphones, they are pretty high quality.
I can imagine many of my viewers use low quality headsets or speakers, but I’d like to deliver the richest sound anyway for those who can enjoy it.