Help me! I bought a behringer UCG102 and i cant use it

Hey guys, thank you for coming here…

I wanna ask you, i just bought a behringer UCG102, i’ve plug it to the usb port, and i’ve install the ASIO thing… My question is, why does my audacity won’t record from it? the audacity have recognize it, and i’ve select the Behringer UCG102 from the input, but when i hit the red button to start record, there’s a pop up screen telling that an Error just happened, help me :cry: it almost 2 weeks and i can’t use it, btw i already download the latest version of Audacity :slight_smile:

Try opening up Audacity Preferences and set it to 44100, 16-bit (not 32) Stereo. Devices and Quality. Try a capture with the new settings.


okay thank you kozikowski, but it doesn’t change anything… i,ve tried both with my laptop and my pc. but the pop-up thing still coming up… hhhh

See here in the FAQ: