HELP! Left/Right Channel Info

I am currently working on a rap which we will be using for a music video. This is for a film festival which I have been invited to, so it is very important. One of my rappers did a very good job in his verse, however for some reason (aka probably my fault, to human is to err) part of his rap excludes the left channel. This is a very annoying effect.

So my question is… Without asking him to redo his entire verse, is there a method I can use to simply the data from the right channel (which hasn’t been corrupted) back up into the left channel.


Click on the track name, then from the drop down menu select “Split Stereo Track”.
You can then copy and paste between left and right tracks.

When you Export, the left and right tracks will be mixed back together as a stereo track (or select “Make Stereo Track” from the drop down menu on the upper of the two tracks).


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