Help! Karaoke / Sing-a-long Question

Please Help! I’m very new to audacity.
What I’m wanting to do is record my voice singing along to another track w/ music and vocals. I don’t want to completely remove their voices, but just turn them down significantly to where when I play the final version you’ll only hear my voice, but that way when I’m recording my voice I’ll be able to sing with the original artist.
I hope I explained myself well enough! Thanks in advance for any help!

In Audacity version 1.3.x, there is an effect called Vocal Remover which attempts to remove the vocals from an audio track and leave the accompaniment. It hardly ever works the way people expect it to, because the original track has to fulfil several conditions for it to work properly, but in your case it may do just what you want, i.e. remove some of the vocal and leave enough for you to sing along with.

If you don’t already have version 1.3, the latest Beta release, 1.3.11, is available here: