HELP! it all records as one track!!

hey guys.
Im new to this thing and ive worked out most of the stuff for myself but hers the problem. im recording a drum kit using 2 overheads a bass mic and a snare mic and a 8 track usb mixer (alesis Multimix 8 usb). i also want to record some guitar at the same time aswell. but! when i press record all of the tracks on the mixers go onto one track on audacity. if you understand what i mean!!

how do i get each track on the mixer to record as seperate tracks on audacity?

im not sure if it makes sense. im kinda new to this so id be greatfull for some help!



Tried reading the mixer manual? From what everyone else has said, the mixer only gives you the mixed output - not what you want, but all that hardware is going to give you.

The new Alesis Multimix 8 USB 2.0 will send 8 channels + 2 mixed (stereo) channels to its USB port. The older version Multimix, only sends the stereo (2 channel) mixed channels; the mix is determined by the setting of the Pan pot (left to right) for each of the 8 input channels.

Thanks for the info - these units do vary a lot. Several of the Mackie USB units only send stereo, despite the Firewire versions of the same mixers sending all channels!