Help installing LV2 plugins

Hi everyone:

First of all, I’m Miguel Pacheco from Mexico, a blind person also new in this forum. I’ve used Audacity for a long time ago, but I left it because I thought it was accesible, but recently I found a little manual where is explained how to use it with a screen reader.

In addition, I have installed the libraries and plugins (at least some of tem) For example, the ffmpeg library and the latspa plugins, but I want to upgrade to the new version of these, the LV2 plugins. Well, that’s right, but when I try to follow the steps of the Audacity’s manual for installing it, and I open Audacity, I can’t find anything.

I have the zip file with the LV2 v1.10 folder and I pasted the folder “LV2” which is inside of it to the directory C:UsersMiguel PachecoAppDataRoaming and nothing happens. Also, I tried the alternative location, C:Program Files (x86)Common Files and the result is still the same.

Could you help me fixing this problem? Really I’d like to install this plugins.

Thank you very much! should be correct.

If C:UsersMiguel PachecoAppDataRoaming and C:Program Files (x86)Common Files do not contain an “LV2” folder, create a folder called “LV2” there.

You should then have C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesLV2 and C:UsersMiguel PachecoAppDataRoamingLV2.

Then put your complete “.lv2” folder from the download (the folder name should have a dot then “lv2”) in the LV2 folder in C:Program Files (x86)Common Files or in the LV2 folder in C:UsersMiguel PachecoAppDataRoaming.


Hi, thanks for your answer. But now, the problem is that in the file that I have downloaded I can’t find a “.lv2” folder. I just have the following files inside the .tar:


Then, what do I have to do? Which is the right folder to copy? Or I have to copy the whole .tar file in the new folder “lv2” that I’m going to create? Thanks again!

As far as I can tell, lv2specgen is a sample LV2 plugin that comes with the source code for LV2, which is what you appear to have obtained. Therefore to use the sample plugin you will have to compile the source code.

According to the README files in that source code, python is required. Also the source code is intended for compilation on Unix systems. Therefore to compile the source code you will need to install python and a Unix build environment such as Cygwin.

Unless you are a programmer, you probably don’t want to do any of that.

In the “plugins” folder in that source code, there are three example plugins in “.lv2” folders that include a “TTL” file that Audacity would recognise, but I am not sure if those plugins still need to be compiled. Audacity does not see the “eg-amp.lv2” plugin which I tried, but there are some LV2 plugins that Audacity does not see or work with yet.

If you tell us what you are trying to achieve, we may be able to suggest some other method. Are you trying to obtain an LV2 version of the swh-LADSPA plugins? They are here but again you would need to compile them, and the author does not guarantee that it will build on Windows at all.



Sincerely I am not a programer and I don’t know anything about Pitton, or Java, or something else, but I think the wrong link didn’t take me at the right way. But if you want more details, I downloaded the file “lv2 1.10.tar” from the following link:
I found it in the plugins and libraries page, but I didn’t know that it’s necesary to compile something, I believed that was going to be so easy as copy a folder in a directory.

However, it appears that your link you’ve given me it’s what I was looking for. In this file there are some folders and I think inside the folder “Plugins” is what I’m searching, the lv2 plugins.

But now, I tried to copy this folder which includes several plugins, like “alias-swh.lv2” or “am_pitchshift-swh.lv2” renaming it as you said me, pasting it into the directory %Appdata% as was explained in the manual.

Then, is still necesary to compile something for enable this plugins in audacity? Or it’s better to downgrade to the latspa plugins for more flexibility. Thank you again!

As I already explained, you would definitely need to compile the LV2 port of the swh-plugins.

In the upcoming 2.1.0 release of Audacity, LADSPA effects will have the ability to preview in real-time, but LV2 are still waiting for some bug fixes and for real-time preview to be added.

So for now, LADSPA are preferable.


Aye, I think yes. Anyway, thanks for all your answers.