Help in tone generation

i am trying to generate custom tones/frequencies

  1. is there any way to add two tones into one, i am doing compy paste manually, any other way?

  2. if i select stereo track and create some tones
    track 1 : 100 hz on left + 200 hz on right duration 1 minute
    track 2 : 200 hz on left + 300 hz on right duration 1 minute
    track 3 : 400 hz on left + 500 hz on right duration 1 minute

these tracks are generated on same audacity page
now i want to merge it to creat 3 minute .wav file playing each frequency pair for one minute

can it be done?

This will separate the tracks into 3 .wav files (specify “tracks”):

If you want to merge, please be more specific.

yes i do want to merge all three tones one after another and export as one single wav file

Oh, in that case, Tracks > Align Tracks > Align End to End, then a simple Export.

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