Help in recovering mis placed Data Files from a project

We are using Windows 7, and Audacity 2.0. We discovered that a project couldn’t be opened due to Missing Data Files. Somehow, some of them ended up within another project. We were alerted to these when opening up another project. A note popped up indicated that “Orphan Data Files” are within this project, with choices to make, and that thay are causing no harm here. Our need is to find help to: Locate all of the missing data files by the date of their project home, and determine specifically where they belong, and how to get them there. We need to recover this project as our back up recording did not work either. Bottom line: Is there anyone in the N.E. Ohio area who can assist us?

While we’re waiting for someone from Cleveland to write in, let’s see if we can unscramble this. We’re going to be compulsive about accuracy.

Can we assume a relatively modern machine – with lots of drive space to spare? How much? Exactly?

Low long are the shows? multiple hours? What is a typical filename for a show?

How did you create a backup and exactly what did you call it?

When you edit, do you regularly “Save” a new Project, or a Project with a new name? When you finish the work, do you save the Project on top of the original one? Do you open a music file and Export the work to the same file?

I don’t believe the work missing from one Project showed up in another. It’s much more likely you’re doing something seriously wrong and damaging Projects left and right.


I think you overlooked one, possibly vital, point. Herb used the phrases “We are using…” “We discovered…”. Does that mean this is a multi-user system with a shared drive or folder that two or more users can write into? If so, do these Audacity project files exist in that shared space?

Thank you two men for replying. The machine is a Shuttle Computer. The hard drive has a capacity of 152 GB. As for back ups, what I ment was that we have been doing back up recording on a Sony MiniDisc Recorder and a cassette tape. CDs are made for distribution. Also, I should have used “We” in my post. Here at the church I am a member of, I am the only person doing the sound and recording.

Herb J.