Help in acquiring speech data from a microcassette

Hi, I’m trying to use Audacity to acquire speech data from a microcassette and need help.
The microcassette is Panasonic.
I bought a connector called V-Top with a speaker plug for the microcassette speaker output and a USB plug for the PC.
I downloaded the latest version of Audacity (V3.3.3.)
All I record is noise from the cassette!
Any help or advice will be highly appreciated.
It’s for a friend’s wife and the recordings are of her deceased father.

Like this one ?

I am thinking that should work. After you plug in the USB connector, be sure to do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices, then Audio Setup > Recording Device > (your device)

If not, right-click the speaker icon on your Windows Taskbar, select Sounds > Recording tab > (your device) > Properties > Listen > Listen to this Device.

THANKS - how do I do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices?

I found Transport > Rescan Audio Devices. i clicked on this (nothing happened?)
Then tried right clicking on Speaker icon. Found Recording tab - I have 3 options
Headset microphone - not plugged in
Microphone Array READY
Microphone PnP audio Device
Which do i choose - and then what do I have to do?
Any help / guidance appreciate

I think I have found all this and then I tried to RECORD and nothing happened.
tried rebooting but still nothing…

There could be a Windows privacy-setting preventing you from recording from the USB device, see … FAQ:Recording - Troubleshooting - Audacity Manual

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