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OK, so from what i can tell, this is pretty bad!!! I saved a file then closed audacity, then got an “import error” message upon attempting to reopen. I tried to open the .aup file as a text file and it came up blank. The audio was about 2 minutes long with lots of edits. It is incredibly important. I’m afraid of messing up using the “recovery tool.” Is there any way to just pay someone to get everything back perfectly? How do i prevent this in the future? There was no sudden crash, or problem saving. I attached the .aup in case that can help at all.

chisen.aup (37.5 KB)

The AUP file is blank. The AUP file is written or produced last so this can happen if you close the laptop or stop the machine too soon.

Copy the _DATA folder and AUP file to a thumb drive or other safe place. Then see if there’s anything in these postings. Scroll down on the second one for Manual Recovery.


All of these require access to the temp files which I somehow cannot find, even when i turn on hidden files. When I first lost the file I stupidly thought it was audacity acting up and uninstalled. Could this have deleted all the temporary files?

Thank you for your reply, koz. I am having trouble finding the temp folder. I am on windows ten and even when I turn hidden folders on I cannot find an temp files in the temp folder. When I first couldn’t open the file, I thought it was a problem with audacity and uninstalled. I maybe delete all temp data? As of now, I only have the .au files. I tried renaming them and then using the recovery tool, but it just spliced the files one after another into an incoherent mess : (

I saved a file then closed audacity

It looks like you saved a file, but Audacity will not save sound files, so you really did save a Project.

When you did that, Audacity should have created an AUP file and a _DATA folder…somewhere. Where did you find the AUP file you posted? The _DATA folder should have been right next to it.

This is an Audacity Project.

I believe the Temp system vanishes when you close Audacity, so you can stop looking for that.

Did you tell Audacity where to put your show or Project? If you don’t, some of the Audacity versions try to put the show in Applications. Some computers hate that.


When you save a project, the temporary data is moved to the _data folder.

You can’t use the 1.2 Recovery Tool once you have edited the project. That tool only works with unedited recordings.

As it is only two minutes of audio, I suggest you use File > Import > Audio… and select all the AU files in the _data folder. Each AU file will then be in a separate track in one project and you can drag the files into correct place using Time Shift Tool (F5).

If it is a stereo project, it will be easiest to use Tracks > Add New > Stereo Track to add an empty stereo track, then use the dropdown menu on that track (where it shows the track name) to split the stereo track to left and right. Then drag the imported AU files into left or right of that empty track.