Help, I'm trapped in a deep well!

I recently recorded a webinar and failed to realize that my headset was plugged in (and laying almost an arms length from me) when I was counting on my webcams built in mic.

The completely unedited video is currently here:

The effect on the audio is clear but sounds like I’m trapped down a deep well!

I know there appears to be some issues with audacity (even the beta) getting a wmv to open, but I’m not even sure if its worth converting since I don’t know how to fix this.

Can anyone lend me some insight into correcting this peculiar sound? A nearly 2 hour webinar is a real PITA to re-shoot.
Help please?

I don’t think that there’s much you can do other than re-recording because the noise level is so high and the sound quality is so low.

Here’s a brief “before/after processing” sample that has had a touch of “Noise Removal” (Audacity 1.3.12) and using “Equalization” has the very low frequencies cut, medium low frequencies boosted and high frequencies cut, then had the volume evened out using dynamic compression (Chris’s Dynamic Compressor plug-in). I think that the result is a marginal improvement but probably not worth the effort.

I’ve thrown every effect I’ve got at it …

The “after” is a bit better, but not much more intelligible than the original.

[ BTW Chris’s Dynamic Compressor plug-in cannot cope with a 2 hour show ].

cant you use it on piece by piece with shorter segments to do a long show ?

learn from your mistakes
make a checklist
check it twice
do a test and verify before doing the whole thing

would you want to send out a “good enough” webinar
or do you want to distribute a quality recording ?
do it over this time but never again

Thank you to everyone for your replies. While its not the answer I was hoping for it at least saves me more wasted time trying to find a solution. I appreciate everyone’s help.