Help! I recently got a 4-channel mixer!!

I recently purchased a 4-channel mixer, and to XLR microphones print my goal, is to record a podcast next week with the two microphones that separate channels, as well as having a third co-host call when using a Facebook telephone app
I would love to have three separate channels while recording, and my mixer will recognize my phone as a Bluetooth device and give it its own channel

But it definitely will not let me choose more than two channels under my device

it could be because my laptop keeps recognizing the mixer as a microphone, or one input, rather than a mixer that has three inputs

What mixer?

Most mixers are “mixers” and you only get the stereo mix out of the USB bus. A multi-channel interface is a different animal.

It’s a 4 channel, and I have it connect through left, right into mic jack. Has Bluetooth function

Sorry, I don’t know why I was thinking USB. I can’t see the model number but I’m pretty sure you’ll only get the 2-channel mix.

I don’t know if its practical to use the Bluetooth channel. Maybe you can use a Bluetooth headset or something?

and I have it connect through left, right into mic jack.

That won’t give you the best quality. The mixer’s line-outputs are about 100 times (or more) stronger than a microphone signal so it’s a “bad match”. Also, most mic inputs are mono and they are often low quality (noisy). The line-input on a regular soundcard is OK.

You might want to consider getting a USB mixer with at least 3 microphone inputs, or a multi-channel USB interface (with 3 or more mic inputs).

If you get a multi-channel interface you’ll probably need different software. It seems like very few people are successful trying to use Audacity for simultaneous multitrack recording. (I’ve never tried it.)