HELP! I lost a live podcast recording and do not know how to

Okay, so I lost a saved previous file on Audacity and had just finished editing it. I somehow deleted the entire thing but have no idea how I did it. I have been trying to find the original version in the temp files but they seem to be empty for this one. I am really confused and really need to get back the original files so I can move forward wit this project. Can anyone please help me?

What Audacity version are you using? Please give us all three numbers from Help > About Audacity…, or hover your mouse over the audacity.exe file you are using which also tells you the version number.

What file were you using? An Audacity project file (AUP) that you saved at File > Save Project…? Or was it an audio file like WAV or MP3 that you imported into Audacity, without ever saving it as a project?

If you saved an Audacity project, it is in two parts (AUP file and a _data folder). When you first save the project, the temp files are all moved from the temporary folder into the _data folder of the project. To reopen the project, simply open the AUP file.

You should not move or rename the AUP file or the _data folder. If you are opening an Audacity project (AUP file) and receive an error, please tell us word for word what that error says.