Help I lost a 2 hour recording!

Hi, I am running windows 7 64 bit, I got the exe installer, and I am running audacity version 2.0.5. After I recorded a 2 hour session, I went to save the project. For some reason I stopped it not even a quarter in, and then my audacity crashed. When I “recovered project”, it shows the time it was recorded for but it was just a blank timeline or whatever it’s called. Is there anyway I can recover this?

What does that mean? Did you pull the plug on your computer?

No! Audacity stopped responding, and then I had no other option but to close it, leading me to lose my project. I checked in the Audacity temp folders and the project’s _data folder, but nothing is there. Is there any way I can get it back?

Please post the AUTOSAVE file from UsersAppDataRoamingAudacityAutoSave.

To see that folder you may have to show hidden files and folders. See: for how to do that.

Also attach the log from Help > Show Log… when you try to recover the project. There’s a button to save the log top left of the Log window.

Please see here for how to attach files: .


It says the uploaded file is empty when I try to attach it… And it won’t give me an option to recover the project!

You said before that Audacity tried to recover the project, but the track was empty. So there must be content in the AUTOSAVE file, unless you closed the recovered project with empty tracks. Did you do that? If so then I’m afraid all means of recovering that recording has gone, because if you did not save the changes, the data is deleted. If you saved changes with the empty tracks, the data is empty.

If you recover a project and need to close it, it’s essential you force quit Audacity, as explained on Audacity Manual .

If you still have the recovered project open, make sure you are attaching the correct AUTOSAVE file. You can right-click over the AUTOSAVE file, choose “Open with” then choose Notepad to see if there is any content in the AUTOSAVE file. Don’t edit the AUTOSAVE file, though if you do open it in Notepad.

If you are not sure, attach all the files in the AutoSave folder.