Help i have no clue what im doing :((

Can anyone help me i have a recording of a about an hour but only a few minutes of conversation dotted about within that hour there is a lot of horrible background noise on the tape and i really need to be able to hear exactly what is being said in these small conversations has anyone got a good understanding of this programme im looking for a Guri and godsend to help me sort this out i can send the file for someone to mess about with and see if it can be made legible

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The rule is if you can’t understand the conversation now, the software isn’t going to help. People have posted with voice tracks for divorce proceedings, law suites over noisy dogs in the neighborhood and very bad wedding captures. I don’t think we helped any of them. We can make them different, but not better.

Do you have any way to post any of it so we can take a look/listen?


hope this works
small file VN550081.aup (16.7 KB)

that .aup file doesn’t contain any audio, it refers to audio stored on your computer.

You should post 10-15 seconds of audio in .WAV or .MP3 or .FLAC or .AIFF format,
(bear in mind this is a public forum, anyone can hear the recording you post).

Don’t get your hopes up, the things you’ve seen done with sound on CSI are are fiction.

I’m arranging for transfer off-line.

thanks Koz thats awesome :slight_smile:

First strike is it’s a Windows Media file, so Mac people will need VLC Player to hear it. I didn’t try opening it in Audacity. I don’t think it will.

Have fun. There is no suitable way to use any of the voice management or noise suppression tools. I’m fascinated how you can get the tiny sound of keys and small metal objects, but miss the important voices. Was the recorder in a pocket? You also used Voice Activated Recording which chops up the show a lot.

What was that periodic pounding? That’s really annoying and it’s one of the reasons you can’t use the Noise Reduction tools.


Yes WMA files can be played by Audacity 1.3 if you have ffmpeg library installed …
Audacity will play WMA if FF-mpeg is installed.jpg
The file is nearly an hour long (!), could you not narrow it down a bit nickh101 to where the potentially important bit is rather than have us listen to an hour of noise.

omg im so sorry guys i think it maybe has some of the horrible sounds on purpose the guy in question is very clever and maybe had some kind of noise to block out the recording going

the important bit is 19 mins in to about 23 mins sorry i uploaded all the recording hope this helps



Possibly “voice” (volume) activated recording being activated by approaching road traffic ?
e.g. the “j” of “jolly good” is missing : “jolly” was loud enough to activate the recorder but the initial “j” has not itself been recorded …

So sorry Nick that means the missing bits were never recorded by your device, we can’t put in what was never there.
You need to RTFM on setting the threshold and duration of “voice activation” on your recording device.
If you’re trying to get incriminating evidence it should be a continuous recording, not voice activated one,
which as you’ve found can edit bits out, (and you can’t tell exactly when things were recorded).
i.e. find out how to switch off “voice activation” on your recording device, so it records continuously.

thanks for the help and advise will def be making some changes then lol the conversationn just annoyed the crap outta me i can hear certain things i htink are being said within all the crappy noise but cant be certain what it is :frowning: better luck next time me thinks :slight_smile: