Help - I don't have a "tools" option on the menu and need ACX checker


I have Audacity 2.1.0 and don’t want to upgrade mid project but I can’t install the ACX checker because I don’t have “tools”.


In my Audacity 2.4.2, ACX-Check appears in the Analyze menu.

Mine too but I can’t install the plug in and when I click on the links that show up there nothing happens.

In the dim, dark, distant past I wrote a manual method to check ACX compliance.

There is an error or two. Everything below -HELP- died with the new forum software and I haven’t patched it all back together yet.

The panel that tells you peak, doesn’t have a “cancel” button, Just note the number and close the panel.

If you are reading a book, you should note the ACX instructions.

That and we wrote ACX Audiobook Mastering which will set PEAK and RMS (Loudness) automatically.

It’s nice to think you can write checks for microphones and walk away with a successful audiobook, but background, environment, and room noises kill more productions than anything else. There is no shortcut. You need to get the room right.

You may also discover that recording on the computer can be really entertaining. I use stand-alone sound recorders to capture the sound and do the editing in Audacity later.

That’s a Zoom H1n in full studio configuration.

And finally, you are experiencing why it is a bad idea to change, modify, improve, or update your computer in the middle of a production.


Negative dB values cause no end of problems for the New User.

There are positive dB numbers. Sound Pressure Levels in free air are measured in positive numbers. Starting with zero that you can barely hear and going up through thunder and explosions.

But not so inside electronics. There, the standard value of zero dB is when the sound can’t get any louder and it gets quieter from there.

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