Help! I can't switch to Scarlett Mic?

Last night I connected to Audacity for the first time in a few years. I connected it to my Scarlett Mic and it worked. However, today it is only recognizing MacBook Pro Mic. How can I fix this? Does anyone know? Thank you in Advance.

Have you tried Transport (menu) > Rescan Audio Devices?
Go to Apple (menu) > System Preferences > Sound > Input. Is the Scarlet visible there?
Does Audacity have permission to use the microphone? See:
– Bill

Order of appearance is important.

Connect the microphone and then start Audacity. If the permissions are OK, the microphone will appear.

If you start Audacity and then connect the microphone it will be invisible. Audacity checks for microphones when it starts. You can check later by selecting Transport > Rescan…

That’s normal. You can also have something broken. If you have a ratty connection and it breaks briefly when you move the microphone, Audacity will forget it ever existed.