HELP I cant playback on computer with sound

Hi - I have just installed software, and seem to be able to record tracks from my old LP’s, but when I go to playback on my computer, I cant get any sound. Tried exporting it as MP3 or WAV, but no go either way. Any ideas ??? Should have mentioned that I have Windows XP

Are you using a USB turntable?

When you plug in a USB device like this your computer hands over control of all sound services to the USB device - both input and output. Since you USB TT doesn’t have a set of speakers, you then don’t get any sound from the computer (not even the normal computer sounds).

All you need to do is to get Windows and Audacity to retarget the sound output onto your computer’ss on-board soundcard. In Windows use Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Audio > Sound Playback (I don’y know that the MAC equivalent is) - in Audacity use Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O > Playback Device - you may need to close and restart Audacity for the change to take effect.

Many folks fall into this bear-trap when they start out with USB/Audacity - I certainly did !


Thank you very much maxcylinder - I followed your instructions, and it worked !!! Many thanks. Regina