Help, I can't listen to my voice


Sorry for my bad english, I am a french person from switzerland.

For a project, I need to record a song with lyrics I wrote.

But I have a problem. I can record, but when I want to listen to this record, I can’t hear my voice a lot.

In fact, the music is stronger than my voice. How do I adjust the sound of my voiceto make it louder than the music?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Here is a screenshot of what I’m trying to record!

Have a good day.


Use the “Amplify” effect on the music track and set a negative amount of amplification to make the music quieter.

When you have finished your recording and editing, you can mix the tracks down (“Tracks menu > Mix > Mix and Render”), and then “Normalize” the mix.

Ok, thanks,

I will try it! I hope it works!

Have a good day :smiley: