Help! I can't hear what audacity is getting...

I am playing my cassette machine in through the line in 1/4 in port and audacity is getting a level. It records in mono. I see the level but I can’t hear anything until it plays back the recorded piece!

Can someone help me configure my audacity and to hear what it’g got a level for? And can it record in stereo? I am missing some knowledge on configuring this.

Could you mean the 1/8" socket like this.

If you have a newer machine, you may only have one hole instead of two…or three. If you do only have one, you will not be able to use it to record stereo.

Is that what you have?


and to hear what it’g got a level for?

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For good quality and stereo, you need to use the line-input (not the mic input) on your soundcard. If you’ve got a laptop, you probably need a USB audio interface with line inputs.