HELP I cannot figure this thing out~!

I feel sooooo stupid! I cannot record anything at all. I don’t understand how to. I’ve set this up according to what I’ve seen on this manual, but when I click on record, nothing happens. It doesn’t do anything. I cannot figure it out. I’m running Win 10.

What are you trying to record from? Your laptop’s built-in microphone? A USB turntable? Streaming audio? etc.?

I am trying to record on my PC, running WIN 10. Input says “Stereo Mix RealTek audio”

Stereo Mix should record whatever is coming out of your soundcard/speakers.

WASAPI (loopback) works similarly.

These should generally not be used if you are recording an analog input.

Has this ever worked? What’s the goal? Record 80s Disco music from YouTube? Sometimes knowing the eventual goal helps.

Do you use any applications that can interfere with your work? Skype, Zoom, Meetings, Games? They can all mess with your sound service.

Most instruction sets assume you’re starting with a reasonably clean machine.


I am just trying to record audio from streaming radio and creating mp3 or wav files. Seems so easy…but I can’t get anything to record.

Oh - and - no, I don’t do Zoom, or games or anything. I just use it to edit and (hopefully) record audio.