HELP! How to go back to Original BPM Afterr Pitch Change


I often use Audacity for Pitch Change of a guitar part etc, but it changes the BPM of the part ever so slightly, my daw isn’t that good at adjusting the BPM back to original…

Is there a way in Audacity to keep the new pitch, but go back to original? Or a 3rd party tool that does this really well really simple?

The next version of Audacity will have an additional option in the Change Pitch effect to tell it to use an alternative algorithm that accurately maintains the tempo. Until then, use the Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift effect:

Thanks Mate!
Tho im not certain how i would know what exact factor
To readjust for? Ie what % the algorithm throws it off

Btw would Vocalign plugin be perfect forots of these scenarios?

If you’ve not closed the project yet I’d suggest that you undo the changes that you’ve made so far and then redo them using the Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift effect.

If you can’t undo, but you only need to adjust the length a tiny bit, then perhaps better to use the “Change Speed” effect. Although this changes both pitch and tempo, if you’re only stretching a tiny bit then the pitch change will probably not be noticeable. The main benefit of this effect is that you set the precise length that you want the selection to end up.