HELP!! How To Cut Up The Core VO?

Howdy :wink:

Im adding a basic podcast to my consulting practice, I view more as offering chapters of an audiobook to my list because Im not really a podcaster (I know thats a huge thing) and really dont want to be. Its just a really nice way to break some of my public speaking content into bite sized pieces. I say all this to say, Im not savvy on podcasting although I am an experienced editor on Final Cut Pro for film. Sound production has proven a tad more tricky, not my wheelhouse.

Ok, so I finally have a decent recording, one file that runs about 25 minutes. It been processed and edited, so Im now ready to add the above items. I was able to use the move tool for this large track no problem, to align it well with my intro. Awesome! A few minutes after my opening is my first chapter, which I have a stinger for. I need to cut the large core VO file up and move the right hand piece to the right.

So the podcast begins with a fade down intro, my large 25 minute file is moved a little to the right to time all that well and then a few minutes in, I announce chapter one. Right after that, I need to cut to core long vo file and move it to the right so my stinger, on track three, can be blended in.

To accomplish this in the past, I swear that what I did was (a) EDIT>CLIP BOUNDARIES>SPLIT and then just use time shift tool to move the piece to the right of the split whereveer I wanted it. Well, either I imagined that or somehow I locked down my core track one file, because that process is no longer working.

HELP! What I am doing wrong? Many thanks!

I got it! I basically need to highlight a section of the clip with the selection tool THEN use to shift tool. My bad! :astonished:

Did you update from Audacity 2.1.0 or earlier to 2.1.1 to get this problem? I can well imagine this is an area of Audacity ripe for changes. Traditionally, if you slipped track one to the right for any reason leaving blank (not silence) between the first musical note and zero time, it would foul up show timing because that gap would vanish during the export. If that got fixed in 2.1.1, it’s entirely possible that one of the other edit/time tools may have become damaged.

that process is no longer working.

What exactly doesn’t work? Step by step until it fails. I just tried the split tool in Audacity 2.1.1 and although I didn’t recreate your whole show, it split just like I told it to.

There was a Get Out Of Jail process whereby you created a separate silence track under your whole show just to avoid any undefined gaps. It will not contribute to the actual show content when you Export.

Which Audacity have you got?


THEN use to shift tool.

If that works for you. I didn’t have to do that in my test. Just click anywhere to the right of the split and push to the right.