Help! How to clean up this recording?


I have a recording where the microphone must have been too close to the mouth. There is alot of distortion when all the way through, is there any way to remove or minimise this?

Hope something can be done!



Not much you can do with that. It’s too badly distorted.

Thanks very much for the reply Steve. Is there anway of minimising the distortion?

Using Audacity 1.3.12
Check that the track says “16 bit”
Select the first 1/2 second of the track and from the Generate menu select “Noise” > noise type: Pink
From the Effect menu “Amplify” > Amplification (dB): 30, Allow clipping: tick > OK
From the Effect menu “Noise Removal” (the amplified noise should still be selected), > Click on “Get Noise Profile”
Select all of the track
From the Effect menu “Noise Removal” and set “Noise Reduction” to about 20 then click OK
From the Effect menu “Amplify” > default settings.

Here’s the result: