Hello, I’m new to this forum and I must say that I’m not a specialist of PC, MP3, Ipod, etc… I’ve just bought a new turnatable “DJ-TECH Vinyl USB 10” and I’ve installed the soft Audacity which was in the package. I’ve tried to record my old 33 T vinyls but I can’t… I’ve played them and at the same time click in the soft on the record dot, but nothing happens. What can I do ? Is there anything which I have missed ?. The turntable is linked to the PC with a USB key and I’m on Windows XP. Thanks for your help in solving this problem, as I start to be desperate (housewives :smiley: )

You need to have the USB turntable selected as the record input device, and your soundcard selected as the playback device. These are set in “Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O”.

Also, make sure that you are using a current version of Audacity (v.1.2.6 stable, or 1.3.4 beta), some USB turntables seem to be packaged with an out dated version.

Thanks Stevethefiddle for your reply. I’ve changed the playback to the sound card and for the source I’ve only 2 choices, either Microsoft mapping sound or Line in/Mic in, I’ve taken the Line in as my turntable has an outpout called Line in. I’ve also noticed in the Mixing Tool bar, the sourcing menu is inactive, and I do not know how to have it active. Could you please help me again. Thousand of thanks,

If you don’t have a USB Audio option in the audacity preferences, then the turntable isn’t properly installed on the computer. Refer to the instructions that came with it for how to install it correctly (including making sure that the cable is properly seated at both ends).

Thank you Richard. I’ve checked everything and found that the USB port was not OK. Now it seems to work, it records, I can hear the music while recording, but as there is a BUT, when I tried to listen what I have recorded, I have no sound !!! I’m just starting to become crazy with this machine… Could you please help me. Many many thanks in advance

Have you read the instructions that came with the device, or the ones on the audacity website?
In particular, have you set the audacity Playback Device to be your sound card and not the USB turntable?

Hello Richard, thanks a lot for your help. Everything works fine and I can start recording the 259 33T records I have in stock… I wish you a very Happy New Year.

I finally got registered. Then my Audacity problem started working. Surprise.
When I record something from voice, how do I save it to replay back? Then send on e-mail.

You need to “Export” the audio using “Export” from the file menu.
If you want to send it by e-mail, export it as an mp3 (You need to have LAME installed and properly configured to export as mp3 - see here for details

By the way, I nearly missed this post - If you’ve got a new question, start a new topic so that it’s easier for people to find and post an answer.

I don’t have a reply because nobody will ask me what to do.
I would like to find out how this forum works.

Can I do anything here.?

Sure you can -

If you have any questions, look for the appropriate board and make a “New Post”.
To find the appropriate board, start at the main index page: and look for the section that best fits your query.

Browse through some of the new questions that appear on the forum, and if you know the answer to someones problem, post a “Reply”.

Other than that, use Audacity lots, have fun with it and become an expert. :slight_smile:

The Audacity will record.
Now I would like to learn how to save something to a file, then send it on email.
That would be the first help to learn. then build on there.

Hello Dlprnl,

Regarding your stupid kid post

All you need to do is click on the “new topic” button on the left near the top when you enter the recording techniques forum.

this will enable you to post a new topic with your own question rather than post a question in someone elses topic where it will probaly get missed or not answered.

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dont think i can make it any clearer. hopefully you can find it and post your own questions

So as not to mess up the forum for every one else:

If you have any questions, look for the appropriate board and make a “New Post”.

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