Help! help!! help!!!

Please i need help here urgently! I used audacity 2.x to record from my amplifier and i did not reduce the mic recording volume and after recording, the audio file is so noisy and no clear sound. Please how can i make it clear sound?

Is it loud, dense and crunchy? You connected the output of your amplifier to the Mic-In of your computer, right? Has this ever worked? I’m guessing no. Mic-In on a laptop is designed to do this:

Even if you turn it down, the sound may still be bad. It’s very easy to damage the sound on a Mic-In.

You can use a USB adapter like the UCA202 that I use.


:frowning: When a file is distorted, there is very little you can do. There is an optional Clip Fix* plug-in that you can try but if the distortion is bad I wouldn’t expect it to help that much. Once the waveform is clipped, the information is lost and it’s impossible to know the original height or shape of the waveform.

Pros still record in soundproof studios with really good equipment, because even with the latest professional software there are problems you can’t fix, and there is just no substitute for starting out with a good recording.

Tell us a little more about what you are doing (recording electric guitar?) including the hardware you are using, how you are connected or set-up, and maybe we can help you to get a better recording next time. (The microphone built into a laptop, or a “computer mic” plugged into a regular soundcard usually won’t give you good results.)

You can get good results with moderately priced equipment, but this stuff isn’t easy and it might take a couple of tries and some trial-and-error.

The good news is that your choice of recording software is not critical… Basically all the software has to do is capture the digital audio stream and send it to the hard drive in the correct format. When it comes to processing (reverb, compression, etc.), then all software is not equal and different people have different preferences.


  • [u]Clipping[/u] is the distorted flat-topped waves you get if you try to go over the 0dBFS digital limit, or if you try to get 110 Watts out of a 100 Watt amplifier.

I used an amplier, a laptop and audacity v2.x to record my church live message, and i set the mic volume of the audacity software too high and after recording i found at that is too noisy no good sound. How can i reduce the volume and the noise back ground friends? Please help!!!

You can’t connect amplifiers to the mic input of a laptop. Connect to the blue line-in or buy a USB sound card that has a line-in.