Help hearing dialogue in muffled recording

New to audacity. I am trying to hear what is being said in this recording:

You are discovering like legions before you that The Personal Recorder won’t record the far side of a call. What you actually got was the errors, transmission leakage and echo correction, not the actual voice. It’s not recoverable.


This was a voicemail message I received not a personal recorder.

I can make out between 32-35 seconds “… looking to buy a present for a child …”,
then between 44-46 seconds, “Christmas present”,
51-53 “Hold on caller”.

But generally it’s a hopeless-case : where bits are missing , [“drop-out”], nothing can be done to recover those.
What remains has been mangled by a Speak&Spell-type codec which is trying to cope with an unacceptably-low bitrate.

Thanks Trebor. That is enough info for me to figure out what I was hoping to figure out.