help had a crash while recording

i was recording a friends party when some dropped a phone on my key board crashing my machine before i had to reboot my machine i was able to save the project as .aup file i have the audio but i cant reboot the project i keep getting this code error not well-formed(invaild token)at line 18175
i am using window 7 ultimate
focusrite saffire 6 usb

please help thanks

save the project as .aup file

You saved the show as an Audacity Project the manager for which is the AUP file. You also need the _DATA folder which actually contains the work – although not as formal sound files.

The aup file is a text file and you can open it up in a text editor and read it. Like this:

Your problem is 18175 lines down from the top.

reboot the project

Open the Project.

We did publish recovery information.


hi guys tried the recovery and it opens but no audio is shown i have found the files but the program wont load them in . the back up or temp files are saved to my desk top i tried to Manuely put the audio in but its not in sequenced in the parts …help :blush:

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beefymason, I presume that you are using Audacity 2.0? (look in the “Help menu > About Audacity” if you are unsure).

Oh dear, that can be nasty. You will almost certainly lose some of your project, but we’ll try to recover as much as possible.
Best to take this slow (step-by-step) so as to avoid any further data loss.

At what point did you save the project? What was the precise sequence of events?

You’re aware that there are two parts to an Audacity recording - the .AUP file and the _data folder?
Do you have both of those?
Do you have any additional saved versions?

Make a backup copy of all of the related files and folders before proceeding.

Please attach the .AUP file to your reply (see the “Upload attachment” tab below the message composing box).

i think i have about 4 hours of .aup file on my desk top i think what happened is that i was broad cast via my moblie phone as some one knocked it and it fell on my key borad crashing the system .i was able to do a save before restarting my machine i should of done an export instead but i thought the data would have save and i could recover then export as an mp3 i can send you all the parts if that would help

psg1.aup (634 Bytes)

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. If you open that .AUP file in a text editor (for example NotePad) you will see that the header information is present, but that’s all. There is no information about the audio data. In effect it is an empty project.

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no" ?>
<!DOCTYPE project PUBLIC "-//audacityproject-1.3.0//DTD//EN" "" >
<project xmlns="" projname="psg1_data" version="1.3.0" audacityversion="2.0.0" sel0="0.0000000000" sel1="15422.0901587302" vpos="0" h="15415.9252607710" zoom="86.1328125000" rate="44100.0">
		<tag name="ARTIST" value="avaword"/>
		<tag name="TRACKNUMBER" value="1"/>
		<tag name="TITLE" value="mix tape"/>
		<tag name="ALBUM" value="avaword"/>
		<tag name="COMMENTS" value="edited by"/>

The only remaining chance of recovering any data is to try the methods described in the Audacity wiki “Recovery” page:
I wish you luck, but I don’t have high hopes :frowning:

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: i have the audio can i manually load them back into audacity if so is there a way of loading then in sequence then i can export as a audio file?

See the Audacity wiki “Recovery” page: