Help Getting a Specific Voice Effect

Audacity V.2.0.3
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
Installed with installer

I’m making vocal effects for a video game. I have a character that I want to make sound like this guys voice: Of course there will be differences, but I’d like to know how to take Gavin Hammin’s Varus voice w/o effects to sound like the one with effects. I just happen to be so lucky as to have a copy of him doing his Varus voice but there are no effects on it yet. The quality isn’t studio quality, but this is just an academic endeavor at this point so I don’t care about the background noise. I’ll attack that recording of him below.

I have tried to do this myself but I am a super novice at this. I tried using reverb, reverse reverb, adding echo, duplicating the original voice track and changing it with different pitches and multiple combinations of all of these but haven’t gotten the effect to sound similar. I have all of the LADSPA plugins installed as well.

Any help is much appreciated.

The main effects are “delay” and “reverb”. There may be other ingredients (such as “a cool voice”).

There may be other ingredients (such as “a cool voice”).

haha, I like that. Wouldn’t you know, immediately after posting my 10th or 12th Google search paid off. I found a youtube tutorial on this.