Help for total newbie - meeting recorded with insanely low volume

Hey friends -
I’m using a Mac with Mojave OS and Audacity 2.3.3.

My mom currently is in a skilled nursing facility and I’ve had 2 meetings to report concerns of, at best, neglect. The first meeting recorded beautifully. Second sounds like my phone is down in some hole. Like a goof I didn’t take my iPhone out of it’s cover before hitting record. I’m in a one party state, so recording meetings I’m a part of is legal. I’m using the recordings for documentation only - it’s common, IMHO, at this facility to have a meeting to present concerns and to be told later - we had no idea. So, simply to document.

I’ll attach a link to a few seconds of the clip here. Is it beyond hope for me? I’m terrified to futz around for fear I’m just making things worse. Any suggestions or advice are incredibly appreciated. This whole process has really just sucked the life out of my soul. My sweet little mom deserves better.

Thanks again - happy to do the legwork - just totally perplexed about where to start.

Hopefully this link works to show several seconds of the cave meeting :slight_smile:


With Audacity, you could amplify the track, which will allow you to pick out a few words. Audacity is not able to recover much more than that.
If it’s OK to record the meetings, you would do best to let the other parties know that you are recording, so that you can place your recorder / phone where it will pick up the voices most clearly. Also, if you record covertly, then other parties are likely to be upset and highly uncooperative when they find out.