help for removing noise in my audio record

Good evening,

i am new to this forum and new to this well programmed software. I am on LMDE(Linux Mint Debian Edition) with kernel 3.6.11, but my problem is not related to my system. I have Audacity 2.0.1. I recorded a mobile phone call with my laptop+microphone, then i saved this call to disc. The quality of my mobile phone is bad, especially the voice of the interlocutor. I can hear my voice quit good in the saved audio file, but i can’t understand what the interlocutor means. I am not sure which technique should be the best to solve my problem. Any advice would be really bravely.


Cellphone recording software is not for the far end. It’s only for you. You are listening to the accidental audio leakage through the body of the cellphone into the recording, not an intentional recording. That’s why your voice is so clear.

Audacity has no forensics tools. We can’t bring a voice back from the dead, particularly a weak, compressed one like that.

I have and use the Olympus TP7 microphone.

You put it in your ear and then make the call. It does take power from the computer soundcard, so if you have a Mac, you may need a USB adapter like this:

One of these days I’m going to record a sample of what that sounds like, but I don’t have one yet.