Help for gaming headset?

My kids spend some time online playing video games like Overwatch. Team chat being a necessity, they have gaming headsets. These things work for a period of weeks or months, then don’t. I think mostly it’s a wiring degradation thing, but I don’t really want to go the Bluetooth route because I figure their young brains are being cooked with enough RF radiation already.

Both kids’ systems have a small amp and a set of speakers, but they prefer headphones. If it was up to me, I’d add a desktop mic and call it a day.

So, gaming headsets. What’s good? I have a got a few options here [link removed] The Hyperx cloud one lasted nine months and got good reviews. Extended warranty was a wise investment in this case.

Why are you posting that on this forum? It seems to be unrelated to Audacity software :confused: