Help for a newb

So I just recorded a song off of a streaming video, but the end of the song is clipped. Fortunately, the end of the song is a chorus. I can’t seem to figure out how to get a bit of the chorus from any other part of the song and put it into a new audio track at the end so that when I play it back I don’t hear the clip.

First I can’t figure out how to Copy and Paste the selection, so how do I do that? And second, if I manage to do that would I have to zoom in incredibly close to make the lines match perfectly?

To cut: just select the section you need and use the k/b shortcut CTRL+C

To place this at the end: Move cursor to end of track (use the icon that looks like the Fast Forward on a tape deck/VCR) - and paste the audio in with CTRL+V

And yes for best reults you will need to zoom in close to try to match up the waveforms so that you dont generate an uwanted click or pop.

Another way would be to open up a new stero track and paste the audio into the second track with a slight overlap in relation to the end of the original track - and cross-fade between the two stereo tracks (i.e. fade the top one out and the bottom one in, over the same selected time period of overlap). When you Export to WAV or MP3 or whatever, Audacity will mix and render the two stero tracks into a single stero track for you.


This works well with music that does not have a strong rhythm, but try to keep the cross-fade quite short or you will notice a strange “phasing” effect during the transition.

With music that has a strong beat, try to match up a beat in the old track with a beat in the new track, then trim the two tracks so that the old track ends immediately before the beat, and the new track starts just as the beat is starting. Also try and make your cuts where the waveform crosses the zero line as this will help to avoid glitches. Use “Split Delete” to trim the unwanted areas. (this example is using Audacity 1.3.5)

Click on images below to view full size.
To hear the result, the splice is about in the middle of this very short clip: